The name “MAXINTOCH” is spelled “toch” but pronounced “tosh”.

The being of Maxintoch has always been generating sounds and noises in a number of various ways.

Having always enjoyed strange sounds of various kinds, but lacking the sufficient skills toward learning how to play any instruments. Maxintoch found FL-Studio, which aided to improvise and visually “paint” the music produced.

Growing up, Maxintoch listened mostly to artists that created an experience with their sounds and repetition, like Jean-Michel Jarre and Daft Punk to name a few influences.


On january 1st 2020 at 20:01, something malfunctioned and an artificial breakdown occurred. The consciousness of Maxintoch was downloaded onto a mechanic body.

The following message was displayed:

>> System out: 2020.01.01 - 20:01
Artificial breakdown has occurred, system in need of reboot.
Reconfigure of being is required 

>> Reason(s) given:
#emotionoverload #identitycrisis
* Copy memory onto external disc system


Jokingly describing what kind of music/genre Maxintoch makes, when not having a clue what to call it:

“The music sounds like a guinea pig that gets stuck in your washing machine, while you where off swimming in maple syrup.”

In short Maxintoch produces music they like, regardless of genre.


A virtual hug towards acquaintances for enduring the experimental craptunes over all years.